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Common PCR Test Questions | FAQs of COVID-19 Tests

PCR test 1
PCR test 1

With the pandemic extending longer than anticipated, we need to understand the PCR test to prevent more infections and quickly put an end to the pandemic.

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PCR test 1

What Tests are Done to Detect COVID-19?

The main test that is done to detect COVID-19 is the PCR test. The polymerase chain reaction test (AKA the PCR test) can detect the virus inside a human if it is present. This test will deduct whether you have the COVID-19 virus or not. PCR tests are very common throughout the world in finding other viruses inside organisms.

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Will a COVID-19 PCR Test be Positive After a Vaccine?

The PCR test (AKA the polymerase chain reaction test) is a test to see if you have COVID-19. This test will tell you if you have the virus at the moment of the test so it can still be positive after a vaccine only if you are still infected after getting the vaccine. The reason is that the PCR test mainly focuses on whether you have the virus in your body or not. Since vaccines are mainly to build up your immune system with empty shells of the virus, people with strong immune systems may not experience symptoms of the virus, such as coughs and sore throats, but still can be a carrier of the virus. Vaccinated people have a better chance of not experiencing the symptoms because their immune system will try to fight the virus by eliminating it in their bodies. The PCR test tests for the traces of the virus and since vaccinated people can still be a carrier of the virus, they can still receive a positive test on their PCR test.

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Covid Test Near Me

What are COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests?

During these times of COVID-19, many tests have been found to be useful in detecting the virus. There are many tests, including and not limited to the PCR test and the rapid antigen test.

The PCR test

The PCR test is the most common test for the COVID-19 virus. This PCR test (AKA the polymerase chain reaction test) is a test that discovers the presence of certain types of viruses. In this case, the PCR test will be looking for the COVID-19 virus. This PCR test will discover whether the virus is present in your body or not, and thus giving results of whether you are infected or not.

The Rapid Antigen test

The rapid antigen test is also one of the most common tests during the period of COVID-19. This test is different from the PCR test as this will instead of looking for the virus itself, it is looking for the antigens that your body develops to combat the virus. The rapid antigen test is less accurate compared to the PCR test but it is much quicker and easier.

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How Long Does It Take To Get the Results of a COVID-19 Test?

There are many different tests for the COVID-19 tests. Many tests give different time periods when they return the test results. The main 3 tests are the PCR test, the rapid antigen test, and the antibody test. The PCR test, also known as the polymerase chain reaction test, is the most accurate test out of all the ones listed.

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